Sunday, 24 June 2012

What do you get when you give a 7 year old a blog account and the freedom to write whatever he wants... ICT literacy in action!

A few months ago I set up a blogger account for my son Conor (7) and let him write his own blog posts. He said he wanted to write stories about his favourite characters Mario and Sonic (of course.. he's 7 remember!). Where possible he typed what he could and the rest of the time he dictated to me while I typed the story in. I was amazed at how good the stories were and his word usage at 7 years old. It's exiting to see where he takes his story next (he's up to chapter 9) and, while it all sounds a bit strange (characters I've never heard of), I'm assured the stories make sense in the Mario/Sonic/Gaming world.

As an experiment, it has shown me where young students would need direction when using blogger for the first time and where they should be left to create and learn first-hand with ICTs.

If you feel like entering the mind of a 7 year old take a sneak peak via the link below and leave a comment (he would take great delight in reading your responses). Have you ever used blogger as a literacy tool for young students? How successful did you find it?

Conor's Chronicles: Chapter 9: The fight to the death!: Years past after Sonic had fought many bad guys. Then one day, in Mario Land, Toad went to smell the fresh air and then he saw a big ship wh...

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