Thursday, 4 October 2012

Digital Pedagogy and Social Equity - How to close the gap

During my Post Graduate studies I prepared a presentation on Digital Pedagogy and Social Equity. Experts agree that digital equity is an emerging issue in Australian schools and that Government agencies, employers, schools and communities need to work closely to define what digital equity means, who it impacts and how to best resolve this problem to improve student learning outcomes.

Within the presentation, I explored the scenario of a classroom with limited ICT equipment and gave four easy to use strategies that any classroom teacher could use to integrate into their Primary classroom with minimal ICT equipment.

I thought I'd share my presentation and, as always, look for other strategies that we can share with each other on how to close the digital equity gap that is forming in Australian primary schools.

This video has been created in PowerPoint so please just 'pause' as necessary to slow down and read.


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