Monday, 17 December 2012

Multimodal Texts - some more useful links

Creating Multimodal Texts P-3 can be a challenge.

For my Masters course work I have taken an old lesson plan for Year 1 English Literacy and am aiming to reinvigorate it with multimodal texts throughout, with a focus on the Four Resource Model:
  • Code Breaker
  • Meaning Maker
  • Text User (or transformer)
  • Critical analyser
I recently stumbled upon a great little blog I wanted to share with you called Digital Tools for Teachers where Steph (yes we share the same name AND interest in digital pedagogy AND are both in Australia!) posted a great article on Creating Multimodal Texts.  If you have any other useful text, links or resources I could use with my Unit for Year 1 (we are focusing on how words and images are used to creating meaning and I thought we might create an ebook with a digital camera and photos of themselves?) - please share them. Also if you have a blog you'd like me to share please let me know.

ps - the children in the photos are two of my children, they instinctively ran to the library computers and started working by themselves happily (Katie is 4 in that photo and Rohan is 3 there) - multiliteracies in action at age 4 and 3!

pps - I'm currently selling a great little multimodal PowerPoint at TPT at the moment based on The Rain Came Down, see right. The PowerPoint contains sounds, moving images, facial expressions, text structure and layout considerations (all semiotic systems) and is available for purchase for $6.00.

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  1. Another very useful site I've just found I must add to the list (creating interactive collages for early learners)